Customer Reviews

The best seat cover protector going! Super fit and durably effective. I love these seat covers.
    – Theo Smith, Jr.

Very Happy! Fantastic purchase! Keeps my seats dry from sweat after a workout and arrived earlier than expected.
    – Ken Shultz

Works great!
    – Richard Hernandez

The Seatbrella® does what it’s designed to do: Keep sweat and dirt off car seats. I get soaking wet playing sports and working out all the time: run, hot yoga, hike, swim, lift weights, play soccer and softball. My seat protection used to be towels (they don’t work at all, just litters your car), garage bags (didn’t cover needed areas, kept sliding around). Then, I resorted to using nothing at all (didn’t like that … car smelled like a gym on wheels… and seats were stained and smelly). Now, all the stains, sweat and dirt are on The Seatbrella®, not on my car seat.  Nice, I can wash The Seatbrella®, can’t wash my entire car seat.
   – Debra Nash

I love The Seatbrella®; it’s an awesome car seat protector (I use it after kickboxing, running, walking, weight training, golf and every sporting activity). I‘ve also used it while eating in my car, transporting sick pets to the vet and picking up little ones from soccer practice (all the dirt and grass lands on The Seatbrella®, not my car seat).
Good features include installable and removable in seconds; soft and comfortable to sit on, lightweight and machine washable. Costs about $20, which is well worth your money to save your car seat from smelly odors.
    – Jackie

Simply, no more sweat on your car seat after any workout or playing sports!
    – John

Protects my car seat from sweat, makeup, and tanning lotions. I bought a couple as gifts for my workout buddies. Three words: “They love it”.

For everyone who owns a vehicle and is physically active, The Seatbrella® is wonderful! I use it every day after I leave the gym and my boxing classes (I’m soaking wet). It’s very convenient, fits very well on my seat (perfect size) and so easy to put away. My car seat is now well protected from odor that might possibly build up over time. This product is brilliant! I highly recommend it. Very well worth it!
    – Carina

I absolutely love The Seatbrella® and use it every time I leave the gym. It’s super easy to use; it stays in place; fits perfectly on my seat. It also feels very comfortable. I love the way it tucks into the built in pocket to form a storage pouch – what a smart idea! Most of all, I love the fact that it is protecting my car. I absolutely love this product… I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who owns a car!
    – Mirna