About the SeatBrella®
No more sweat, mud or dirt on your car seat! No more smelly car seats!

The SeatBrella® car seat protector was designed for temporary use after all running, fitness, sports and beach activities to protect car seats from sweat, dirt and grime.  Also works great after fishing, camping and ranching – the uses are endless.

It is the … Perfect Replacement for Towels™, T-shirts and garbage bags you’ve been using to protect your car seats.


  • Protects car seat from sweat, dirt, odors and spills. No More Smelly Car Seats!
  • Waterproof. Soft. Lightweight. Durable.
  • Easy on. Slips on and off in seconds.  No straps, attachments, buckles or hooks.
  • Folds to form a compact, packable pouch for storage.
  • Machine washable. Air, line or drip dry.
  • Stays in place with a non-slip backing.  Backing will not flake.
  • Fits bucket seats for all makes and models of vehicles. Universal fit.
  • Convenient.  Effective. It Works great … for temporary protection purposes.
  • Fabric is soft, breathable, durable and waterproof.
  • Color is natural white, dye-free.
  • Perfect Replacement for Towels™, shirts and garbage bags.

Product Details

Quick to use: Slips on and off car seat in seconds.

Easy to install: Slip the hood over the head rest; tuck the fabric between the seat back and seat cushion; position evenly over seat; tuck side near seat belt buckle.
Stays in place: Non-slip fabric backing keeps it in place. Backing does not flake.
Effective: Waterproof and Durable.  It Works!
Easy storage: Folds to form a compact pouch for easy storage. Keeps your car’s interior neater.

Fabric: Breathable. Soft. Durable. Waterproof. Proprietary blend to achieve all the fabric features.
Size: Universal fit for bucket seats for all vehicles. SeatBrella® measurements: 54 inches long; 54 inches wide around hood opening; 27 inches from side to side.
Color: Natural white … dye-free … Perfect Replacement for Towels™.
Care: Machine or hand wash, cold water, no bleach.  Air, line or drip dry. Do not place in a dryer. Do not iron.
Do not expose to temperatures ≥ 200 degrees Fahrenheit (F).

Other Information

Review the FAQ section for more information about the SeatBrella®.

Start protecting your car seats today!

New must-have fitness gear:  A SeatBrella®… car seat protector.   Order Today!